House Rewires

Residential: House Rewires

Pennington’s are specialists. We provide a complete service for property rewiring, keep you and the members of your household safe. 

With 25% of fires within the home caused by electrical faults and failures, it’s never been a better time to rewire your home. We can update fuse boards, upgrade wiring, reinstall sockets and plugs, secure your lighting fixtures and much more! If you believe the wiring in your home is out of date or even faulty, get in touch with Pennington’s Electrical for more information on house rewiring.

Why You Should Rewire

There are various reasons why people decide to rewire their homes, the most popular are: 

– Replacing faulty wiring

– Protecting their home against electrical fires

– To support new and modern applications


It’s easy to forget about the wiring in your home, or fail to recall when you last had a safety inspection. Rewiring is the safer option and can prevent fire damage, electrical injuries or even fatalities from faulty wiring. Protect yourself, your belongings and your household members with brand new secure wiring. 

Modern Appliances

With constant developments in technology, there are always new devices and appliances that need to be supported. If your wiring is faulty or out of date, it could lead to poor performance or even damage when connecting these devices to your power supply. Instead of risking it, consider investing in a house rewire with Pennington’s Electrial. 

Don’t limit your house to old technology and reinvent your electrics today. Get in touch with Pennington’s on 01932 259 620 for more information or feel free to email us

If you’re planning new lighting, or just need advice on options

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