Pumps are an integral part of modern central heating systems. And Pennington’s are experts in installation and maintenance of all major brands – plus a few obscure specialist devices. Domestic pumps are almost always electrically driven, so our electrical expertise sits comfortably with our experience of plumbing here, guaranteeing a good job done with the minimum of fuss.

In terms of numbers, most of the pumps we install and maintain are central heating pumps, but we also install and service pumps for ponds – pumps for water circulation and air pumps for ponds – as well as pumps for specific purposes such as submersible sump pumps and transfer pumps.

Expert advice, expert installation and maintenance

We’re not just experts in fitting and maintaining pumps. We’ll advise on the most appropriate device for your needs (a pump which is too powerful for your system can cause as many problems as one which is too weak) and make sure that whatever we fit is compatible with your existing equipment.

Pennington’s can be depended upon for good advice and a free estimate of costs.

If you need a new pump installed, or you have unusual noise from your central heating pump and need advice, get in touch.

Call 01932 259 620 or Email info@penningtonselectrical.co.uk