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Are you looking for an electrician in Weybridge? Look no further! At Pennington’s we’re experienced professionals who understand good service and reliability, it’s how we’ve built our business. And we built it with a passion to overturn the stereotype of tradespeople. We provide you with fantastic and reliable service in Weybridge. If you want the best then contact us today for an electrician in Weybridge. Call us on 01932 259 620 or fill in a contact form below.


What Do Our Electrician Do?

Our specialist’s team of electricians in Weybridge are highly skilled individuals; they’re experienced men and women who take pride in their jobs and the service they provide. Their personal reputation matters and they’re one of the reasons why so much of our business is from referrals made by happy customers. Our electricians in Weybridge are second to none. We design, install and maintain domestic and commercial systems across Weybridge, and throughout the surrounding areas.

We have been in operation since 2008, our founding directors have more than 20 years’ combined experience in the sector. With an unremitting focus on professionalism and customer service, we have an enviable track record of business success and many repeat customers. We assure you that our electricians in Weybridge take huge pride in their jobs and ensure nothing but the best. 

We’ll give you accurate advice appropriate to the job. We’ll keep things simple and transparent, even when they’re starting to look complex. We don’t waste time and we turn up when we promise. All our electricians in Weybridge are NECIEC or Gas Safe approved some are both.

You can count on our electricians Weybridge for high levels of service and reliability, completing electrical services including: 

  • Electrical upgrades 
  • Electrical repairs and maintenance
  • Electrical installations
  • Rewires
  • Testing and inspections
  • Fire alarms
  • Electric showers
  • Emergency lighting
  • CCTV
  • 3 phase power supplies
  • Solar panels
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About us

Serving successfully for 20+ years, our electricians Weybridge know the ins and outs of our trade. We like to think that we’re not just serving, but providing you with the ultimate tradesmen experience. All of our electricians Weybridge take pride in their job, which could be why most of our work comes from referrals made by our happy customers! Not only will our electricians Weybridge do their best to provide you with a pleasant experience, but they are also highly qualified with level 3 diplomas in electrotechnical services.

Saving our planet

At Penningtons, we believe that it’s vital that everybody plays a part in making a more environmentally friendly future. 


Materials- All of our waste material is recycled at local centres around surrey. We also don’t order more than we need to, making us a slow business, focusing on sustainable, long term fulfilment. We are not 100% paperless, but we are working towards this and recycle any paper we do use. 


Electric vehicles- By 2025, we aim to have all our electricians Weybridge use company electric vehicles to reduce our carbon footprint.


Why choose Penningtons Electrician in Weybridge?

When deciding on an electrician in Weybridge, you should consider three qualities: Quality service, quality work and qualifications. We have been working for 20 years, ticking all these boxes for our customers. This is why we don’t rely on work from advertisements and don’t need to over-sell ourselves- we get recommended. Although we run our business successfully, we don’t ever get lazy. We make sure that all our electricians Weybridge are trained properly to ensure the upkeep of our quality services.

Your Local Electricians in Weybridge

Our electricians in Weybridge have been working in this area for over a decade and have got to know the area well. We pride ourselves on our reputation of the local area and making it a positive place for everyone in the community. We have always wanted to be in a position where we can give back to our community and now we’re at a place where we can. In recent years, Penningtons have sponsored many local events such as local primary school balls, annual firework displays, local children football teams and local men’s football teams.


Electrician Weybridge

If you have any questions about our electrician in Weybridge service then please feel free to contact us today. At Pennington’s we offer a whole range of services, please review our services section for more information. If you have any more questions, please also check out our FAQ section. To speak to us, call us on 01932 259 620 or fill in a contact form below.

If you’re planning new lighting, or just need advice on options

Call 01932 259 620 or Email info@penningtonselectrical.co.uk

FAQs & Further Information

Commercial Electricians and electrical installer’s work in offices, retail units, factories, commercial buildings and sites installing electrical systems for power outlets, lighting and wiring. Our electricians Woking have the knowledge of wiring to support large properties and systems compared to a Domestic Electrician who will have the experience of working in smaller residential properties.

  • Lights can dim or flicker
  • Warm or discoloured wall plates
  • A burning smell from switches or outlets
  • Circuit tripping
  • Fuses blowing regularly
  • Crackling, buzzing, humming or sizzling sounds
  • Any mild shock, spark or even a tingle from appliances, receptacles or switches
  • Tiny sparks when a plug is switched on

Be sure to contact our electrician Woking team if you are concerned about the safety of electricals within your property.

  • Commercial Office & Industrial Installations
  • New Housing Developments
  • Power and Distribution Installation
  • Fire Alarm and Security Systems
  • Correcting and repairing electrical systems and installations
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting
  • Inspection and Testing Services
  • Electric Heating & Hot Water heating specialists
  • Energy Consumption Advice
  • Electrical Fault Finding
  • Installing Immersion Heaters
  • Installing Water Heaters
  • Installing Electric Heaters/Radiators
  • Commercial Kitchen Electrical Installation, Repair & Maintenance
  • Installing Refrigeration Systems
  • Installing Air Conditioning Systems
  • Installing Extractor Fans
  • Installing Electric Commercial Kitchens & Cooker Points
  • Installing Lighting & Power Installations
  • Installing Fuse Board/Consumer Units
  • Partial or Complete Rewiring
  • Compiling Electrical Condition Reports
  • Earth Bonding Testing
  • Position, maintain and install distribution and control equipment such as switches, relays, circuit breaker panels and fuse enclosures
  • Installing data cabling
  • Installing and maintaining fibre optic systems

An EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) is an assessment of the electrical installation within a property which is carried out by an experienced and qualified electrician Woking or approved contractor.

An EICR assesses the condition of existing electrical systems and installations to find out if there are any defects against the national safety standard for electrical installations. An EICR will tell you if any of your electrical circuits or equipment is overloaded which will then be deemed as unsafe and recommend the work that needs to be carried out to make it safe and in good working order.

As part of our service, our electrician Woking will fulfill the basis of an EICR.

An EICR is a formal document that is provided by our qualified electrician Woking, or approved contractor after they have assessed the condition of electrical installations and systems within a domestic or commercial property.

It will identify and prioritise any deficiencies or defects against the national safety standard for electrical installations and advise you of any electrical work that needs to be carried out to ensure it remains safe.

The common cause of problems is poor wiring. Whether your home or business has a dryer, air conditioning unit, or water heater, if the wiring within these areas isn’t professional and up to code, you could be in danger. Electrical wiring problem occurs due to wires that were burnt off which can easily lead to disastrous consequences. These wires must be replaced as soon as possible because they are the leading cause behind the fire and can quickly turn everything in your life to crumble.


The list of things to look out for when inspecting your home’s electrical system starts with the fact that the wiring has been installed properly, but there’s a hidden issue that may go unnoticed. The hidden problem can result in costly repairs to your home’s electrical system. Most people don’t realize that a major component of any major electrical installation can be extremely expensive to repair. Never wait till you are in desperate need of emergency services before you think about having your home checked out – this way, you will know if you need to have emergency service professionals check your system out

EICR check simply means that any time a person fixes an electrical system for their home, they can expect that there will be a check made at the end to make sure that the system is in proper working order and will still be safe for the people in the home. Inspections are also conducted out on wiring and fixed electrical appliances to monitor that it is safe.

Most people are aware of common electrical problems. The three most common electrical problems in homes, offices, and businesses are tripping the breaker, lightning, and electrocution. When an electrical problem occurs, whether it is tripping of the breaker or lightning striking the wires that run across your property, it can create a dangerous situation. Even one second of electricity can be deadly.

If you’re not sure what the cause of electrical problems in your home, you should contact a qualified electrician so that they can assess the situation for you. They will be able to tell you if your problem is electrical in nature and if it is something more severe like a trip or lightning strike

You should contact an electrician Weybridge in the event of an electrical emergency in Weybridge, such as a power outage or burning odour. If you’re unsure whether your situation classifies as an electrical emergency, you should still contact Pennington’s Electrical just in case. 


If you need planned electrical work, both residential and commercial, you should call an electrician Weybridge. Electricians can replace dodgy electrical work, increase safety standards in your property and even repair your boiler. If you are having any issues with your electrics, we recommend contacting an electrician.

 Periodic inspections check the condition of existing electrical installations to ensure that there are no safety hazards. This ensures that people, animals and the property are safe from electric shock, fire hazards and heat damage.

You may need to change your fuse box if: 


  • Your fuse box is over 25 years old 
  • If your lights are flickering and your sockets are unresponsive
  • If your fuse box has asbestos flash guards
  • If your fuse box is making buzzing noises

You will need a licensed electrician to complete the wiring and verify that the breaker is adequate.

You can ask for their NICEIC registration number and ID card.

Landlords are required to ensure that every fixed electrical installation is inspected and tested at least every 5 years by a qualified electrician.

  • Describe your needs to your practitioner thoroughly
  • Before they arrive, prepare a list of items that need servicing 
  • Make sure that all electrical points are accessible, for example, the electrical panel box.

If you own an HMO (House in Multiple Occupation), you have a legal obligation to have a periodic inspection carried out on your property every five years. If your property is not an HMO, then you are not legally obliged to get your installation tested on a periodic basis.

However, we recommend that you have a full periodic inspection carried out every five years or on change of tenancy, whichever comes first. Our guidance is based on legal obligations set out in The Landlords and Tenant Act (1985).

Faulty and old electric systems can cause fires and damage to your property in Woking so it is vital you have them assessed regularly.

Fixed wiring testing accurately identifies electrical issues, their locations and any recommended actions needed. Call our electrician Woking for more information.

The Landlords and Tenants Act (1985) requires that the electrical installation in a rented property whether domestic or commercial has an EICR report (Electrical Installation Condition Report). Ensure that any electrical systems and wiring have been checked by a qualified and registered electrician Woking to confirm they are in good working order and safe.

UK law requires businesses to meet specific codes and standards regarding electricity in the workplace to keep their electrical systems safe and in good working order. Many of these regulations are set by the Landlords and Tenants Act of 1985 to protect tenants of rented domestic and commercial buildings.

A commercial EICR Certificate demonstrates that you are compliant with these regulations which ensure that a building is safe for tenants and employees.

An EICR carried our by an electrician Woking will detail anything that you must correct with your electrical system and this can include;

  • Any out of date electrical systems that are not compliant with safety regulations
  • Any defects and deterioration in your electrical equipment
  • Any damage to your electrical systems, circuits and wiring
  • Any electrical equipment which may need repair or replacement
  • Any observed damage
  • Any dangerous electrics

If you don’t have an EICR report completed a minimum of every 5 years and if you cannot prove you have had the assessment completed as you are legally required then you could be liable under UK law for any damage or injuries caused by an electrical fault. Ask our electrician in Woking for more information.

Three main categories include circuit breakers, surge protectors, and load controllers when it comes to the electrical system’s different types. Each of these different types of electrical systems plays a significant role in your home’s overall safety and efficiency.

For example, when it comes to circuit breakers, your electrician needs to know the different types of breakers available on the market. If you do not have an electrician in your home, then the chances are excellent that you will have to work with a surge protector. On the other hand, if you have a licensed electrician, then chances are excellent. They will already be familiar with the different types of surge protectors available on the market

It is simple, If the electricity in your home is erratic, or if you have noticed a lot of buzzing or whining noises, or if you have seen the black smoke coming from the outlet boxes, then this could be a sign of a breaker box problem in your home.

The following are few things that can cause your electric sockets to stop working.

Metal corrosion: This is commonly caused when metal is placed near an electric circuit board. When this happens, the metal contacts to get closer to each other, creating a metal arc. The contact ends up burning, which causes the wire to get hot and start to burn.

Leaks: Another common problem is a leak in one of the electric circuits in your home.

Insulation: You can tell if your insulator is faulty by sticking it in a jar of water and watching if it freezes.

Some electricians Weybridge will charge customers an hourly rate, whilst others will charge a fixed rate depending on the service. Pennington’s Electrical hourly rates can be viewed here, with a £69 initial hourly charge, dropping down to £49 for any additional hours. We also offer fixed prices for residential electrical services, starting at £169 for one bedroom.

An Electrician Weybridge is a skilled and experienced individual who can install, repair and maintain electrical works in both residential and commercial buildings. On a daily basis, an electrician Weybridge will respond to emergency and planned electrical work, using an abundance of tools and equipment to complete the jobs. They will test newly installed equipment and follow UK health and safety regulations when repairing or installing electrical work. 

Electricians are required to have a level 3 qualification recognised by the industry, which can be achieved with an apprenticeship. An electrician location can become fully qualified in 3-4 years, with either a level 3 diploma or a level 3 technical and vocational qualification. 

Qualified electricians will have an NICEIC certificate and are unable to work without one. The following four other certifications should be possessed by an electrician Weybridge: 

  • Part P Notification 
  • Minor Electrical Works Installation 
  • Electrical Installation 
  • Electrical Installation Condition Reports
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Lightbulbs burning out in their sockets 
  • Regularly blown fuses 
  • Discoloured outlets or switches
  • Smell of burning
  • Fluctuations in power

A house rewire should last 20 years or more. Eventually, the insulation on the cables will begin to break down which is when your home will need rewiring by a qualified technician.

Rewiring a house will not only ensure you and your family’s safety, but it will also add value to your property and make it run more efficiently.

If your light switch is hot, it could indicate a serious problem. A hot light switch could indicate an array of problems which may be because the switch is overloaded, the switch is failing, faulty wiring or the functioning of dimmer switches. If your light switch is hot, it’s best to get a qualified electrician in.

In most cases, a light flickering is just a faulty lightbulb, however, it could be due to something potentially dangerous. If multiple lights are flickering at once, power arcing may be the issue. This could potentially lead to a fire hazard, so if in doubt, call up our qualified technicians in Weybridge straight away.